2007 Triulzi Horizontal Washer

2007 Triulzi 2010mm Wide Horizontal Washer

Make: Triulzi
Year: 2007
Type: Stainless steel construction
Working width: 2010 mm (79”)
Brushes: 3 pairs
Air knives: 2 pairs
Glass thickness: up to 19 mm
Location: Ohio

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This Triulzi stainless steel washer is in excellent condition and available for immediate delivery. The extra-long entry conveyor is equipped with a Pre-Spray section with an air knife to keep dirty water and glass fines out of the wash section.

The Wash section is equipped with 3-pairs of brushes and one heated water tank with a new heating element. The Drying section has 2-pairs of air knives.  The washer is also equipped with a D-I water system to supply D-I water to the final rinse and insure the best results and clean glass.

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