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Billco Stainless Steel Washer

In excellent condition and available for immediate delivery, this Billco stainless steel washer is equipped with a Pre-spray section with two top spray bars and water tank with recirculation pump and carbon filter.

Wash section equipped with three water tanks and first water tank is heated. Drying section has a new 50 HP drying fan and motor.  Washing/Drying sections equipped with screw-jack lifting system for easy maintenance.

Triulzi 2010mm Wide Horizontal Washer

This Triulzi stainless steel washer is in excellent condition and available for immediate delivery. The extra-long entry conveyor is equipped with a Pre-Spray section with an air knife to keep dirty water and glass fines out of the wash section.

The Wash section is equipped with 3-pairs of brushes and one heated water tank with a new heating element. The Drying section has 2-pairs of air knives.  The washer is also equipped with a D-I water system to supply D-I water to the final rinse and insure the best results and clean glass.

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