Cugher Glass Handling Solutions


The high range of Cugher handling products allows transportation and stacking of GLASSES WITH ANY DIMENSION AND SHAPE IN ALL THE DIRECTIONS inside production plant.

The material used and the assembly methods guarantee the maximum structural safety and solidity and require a minimum maintenance activity.

Thanks to special design of Cipher systems, the handling utilizes minimum contact with the surface, offering at the same time the maximum grip.

The exceptional integration and synchronization with all line components guarantee a high level of productivity.

The visual inspection systems, flat and vertical can be perfectly integrated inside the line, and allow to thoroughly check print quality without affecting the production cycle.



To avoid any possible contamination of the glasses during the handling, the conveyors that are external to the printing room can be equipped with transparent Plexiglas covers. Granting an easy access to the underneath conveyors.

The conveyors cover will reduce significantly the presence of dust and particles on the glasses surfaces and they allow to have a higher final quality of the produced glasses.


 A dedicated fan equipped with an HEPA filter can be placed on the top of the stacker, on the auxiliary platform. With this kit, the internal air pressure of the stacker will be higher than the external pressure, avoiding the entrance of dust and the contamination of the stacked glasses.


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