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Cugher Glass Silk Screen Printing Solutions


Main Features


  • From small to big glasses with rectangular shape – from 500×200 mm to a maximum of 2700×1600 mm
  • Frame usable for several glass dimensions with reference is on left-front side
  • Movable screen for a personalized print: the image can be printed on different parts of the glass
  • Ideal for interior design sector, in particular for shower doors
  • Easy and safe maintenance

• Completely stand-alone machine and ready for in line operations


Version 1
Manual loading and unloading, on the same side.

Version 2
Manual loading upstream, manual unloading downstream.


Manual loading of the glass on the loading side.
Automatic rear discharge with transport belts.


Automatic glass loading and unloading by a belt transportation system.

Machinery Requirements:

Loading station for manual loading

Unloading station for manual unloading

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