Glassdrier IR

Drying Oven for float glass sheets



GLASSDRIER IR is the new curing oven for enamelled glass sheets.

It combines a very high precision in terms of precision of distribution and setting of drying temperature with strict criteria of energy saving. The oven ha a modular construction, manufactured in different working widths up to 2.600 mm.

Glassdrier IR has been designed with a special care to the easy maintenance and ergonomic aspects.

The infra-red lamps are mounted on racks with side extraction for their quick replacement or cleaning. Big openable side panels enable the inspection and cleaning of the oven inside.

A fumes exhausting system with adjustable air-locks guarantees the optimal evacuation of the same without unwanted exhaustion of hot air. The glass sheets are conveyed through the oven by motorized rollers with glass fibre coating.

All the oven parameters are managed and supervised by a last generation PLC.

As option a ventilation system is available. The same is mainly composed by an electro-ventilator, inverter driven and electrical heat exchanger.

The cooling section is composed by forced ventilation of filtered air, distributed over the sheet by air blades blowers.

Working width





Transport speed

1÷6 m/min

Max outer width of each cell

1800 mm

2300 mm

2700 mm

3100 mm

Max. working width

1300 mm

1800 mm

2200 mm

2600 mm

Module length

2250 mm

Max installed heating power of lamps per each module

44 kW

60 kW

73 kW

87 kW

Specific power per square meter

15 kW/m2

Maximum temperature


Exhauster installed power per each module

2,2 kW

Exhauster capacity (adjustable) for each cell

2800 m3/h

Cooling module installed power

2 x 2,2 kW = 4,4 kW

Cooling module air delivery

2 x 6500 m3/h = 13000 m3/h