Triulzi Closed Top Vertical Washers


Version with motorized thickness device up to 40 mm pneumatic selection of brushes for LOW-E. glass.



Working width

2500 mm

Working height

640 +30 mm

Overall dinimensions

1968 mm (L)

Glass thickness

3 -40 mm

1900 mm (W)

Working speed

2 -8 m/min

3790 mm (H)


380 V

Installed power

26 KW

50 Hz

Minimum glass

300 x 150 mm

3 Ph



  • Automatic brush selection for LOW-E. glass
  • Automatic glass thickness detection
  • Prewashing with spraying bars with pair of brushes fed by high pressure pump
  • Independent brush motorization
  • Optimization lighting lamps in automatic for Energy saving
  • Partial automatic spraying bars
  • Energy saving system “SMART STAND BY” customized
  • Storage of small glass pieces on the outlet conveyor