Triulzi Custom & Specialty Washers






Polish Washer


A special washing machine that adopts a consolidated “polishing system.” Cleaning takes place via 9 or 11 groups of flat brushes and sponges. Ideal for the architectural sector, dynamic glass production and interior design.

The Triulzi Polish Washer is a completely customized solution to prepare flat glass sheets for the application of a variety of coatings ranging from solar to architectural glass. The washer is configured with high-pressure spray nozzles, multiple oscillating polish sections equipped with disc brushes capable of utilizing various types of water/chemistry for optimal surface cleaning.  The D-I water in the final rinse is quality-monitored and the section can be equipped with high-frequency, ultra-sonic transducers, cylindrical brushes and high-pressure spray nozzles.  The drying section is equipped with up to EU 13 air filtration to ensure dust-free glass for coating.